On the 6th of June 2017 I flew down to London From Glasgow to see Machine Gun Kelly’s concert which was on the 7th in KOKO, Camden. I flew alone and met with people who I had briefly met at the previous concert in 2016, So it was fair to say I was sceptical as to how the week would go bearing in mind I had never properly met or spoken to the people I was sharing a hotel room with. Long Story short about the concert? Just buy a ticket for September when he returns for a UK tour so you know why I haven’t said anything. It is one of those concerts that you’d need to experience first hand to understand. Anyway, The day after myself and the guys I was down with managed to meet machine Gun Kelly and had a good 45 minute conversation before he offered us a photo. If you are a fan of MGK you would know he doesn’t like taking photos, so when the man himself offers to have one with you, you take that opportunity by the neck! Fast forward a few hour couple members of the team tweeted that they needed a tambourine, When I seen this I Replied with, “give us an hour, we will source one, currently in the bar across from the venue” to that they replied, “perfect”. we began to search gumtree,ebay, facebook, anywhere we could think that we could get a tambourine. But it was 10pm so no one was answering their phones for us, so it came down to going round to a bar and asking if we could borrow their tambourine for a couple hours from their open mic night. once they gave us the go ahead we went to the tour bus, knocked the door and said we had one. Dre (@andreciscoxx on IG) then came round and offered for us to go to the bar. But since it began to rain he decided to just invite us onto the bus and who was on their? Machine gun Kelly himself. he was exactly what you would want in someone you idolise! not cocky, so humble, and just a normal dude who has an extraordinary talent. we shared stories, experiences and gave him some pointers for future performances etc of which he actually took on board! If you have never idolised someone you will think its corny, creepy, and just straight weird how much I am a fan of this band but if you know, you know. It has been 7 years I’ve been following him, from him first uploading chip off the block to Youtube, to him selling out venues worldwide and now performing at festivals over seas here in Europe. If you by miracle manage to read this Kells, thank you, keeping doing what your doing, remember to think of something else to draw on the jacket of mine, and il see you in Newcastle, Glasgow and Bristol in September! And to AJ, Hop you pass that level on that kids game you’re obsessed with dude!



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